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Xigrid Technologies is a company founded with a mission to improve people’s quality of life and address global challenges with technology. The company strongly believes that the primary purpose of any technology is to serve people. Apart from that, technology is also a go-to solution when it comes to addressing global challenges, like climate change, air, water, soil pollution, and alike. 

Xigrid is a Nordic company, started in 2018 in Norway, and, from early days, a collaboration with Finland was established. We leverage the region’s rich cultural heritage when it comes to technology implementation in changing environmental conditions. We are inspired by the examples of Roald Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl’s ambition, hard work, and desire to explore. Furthermore, we take on the Viking attitude when it comes to conquering market share for our products or charging mundane challenges. Ultimately, the Nordic culture of trust, inclusion, and collaboration is embedded in the company’s DNA.

The company’s name Xigrid is actually a stylized Scandinavian female name Sigrid, which stands for victory, wisdom, and beauty. Another meaning of Sigrid that we came across is “a wise, hospitable lady that makes persons around her feel appreciated”. This strongly resonated with the founders, and, due to the Scandinavian origin and the fact that the name is female, like that of glorious warships from the past, the decision was made to name the company Xigrid, switching the front letter S for X to give the company a cool startup vibe.

Xigrid today is an international team of 7 members with various personal, professional, and academic backgrounds. We are mathematicians, automation and software engineers, PhD-level university researchers, and business consultants. Among the team’s expertise areas are mathematical and statistical modeling, algorithms, machine learning, energy optimization, automation, software development, UX/UI, project management, finance, and communication.


The founders are two brothers who decided to start a company with a vision to make buildings sustainable with technology when Mike was working on his university research and discussed it with Dima. The founding team has a combination of core engineering expertise and practical business experience. Mike and Dima take ownership over the company’s product development and business development, respectively, and lead other team members in the spirit of trust, constant professional challenge, and result oriented collaboration. 

Dima Prisikar

Dima is a business developer and a former Big 4 consultant. He started and developed a number of successful business projects in IT, education, and international trade, as a sole proprietor and in partnerships. With 3 master degrees (economics, finance, communication), Dima’s latest degree is a business MSc from NHH (Norway). He is fluent in 5 languages, has a broad international network, and occasionally speaks at various events on startup and sustainability matters.

Mike Prisikar

Mike is an electric engineer with profound knowledge of automation and energy management. He said no to a career at a large engineering corporation to dedicate himself to Xigrid. With 2 bachelor degrees (engineering, economics) and 2 masters (engineering, project management), Mike has led various international indoor climate related innovation initiatives, supported by, among others, Fortum and Sweco. Mike’s latest study is an engineering MSc from Aalto (Finland), with exchange semester at KTH (Sweden), resource management course at NHH (Norway), and non-study collaborations at DTU (Denmark). Mike also led his team to winning a prestigious engineering competition EBEC in Finland.


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